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Reunion Invitations

Reunion How To...

Reuniting old friends, co-workers, and family is a fabulous excuse for a party. As years go by, everyone grows in their own ways. Social media only connects us to a certain point, right? Reunions are a chance to catch up and reminisce “the old days” whether that’s among friends, school friends, co-workers, or family.


You definitely want to get others involved with throwing this awesome party. These can be huge events. Use our Budget Planner to brainstorm and organize ideas to ensure your gathering is both fun and affordable. With our Event Checklist, manage your tasks with ease alongside our other features like online RSVP, gift registry and gust manager to help simplify the process.


Here are a few Reunion tips and ideas: 

Start early and write up your guest list. Gather the names and contact details of every family member, friend, or colleague you want to invite. Reunions tend to include lots of traveling. Make sure to send invitations out far enough in advance for people to make necessary arrangements. Load those details into our online Guest Planner feature.


Choose your theme. How many years have gone by? Who will you be inviting? Pick a fun reunion theme idea such as sports, cultural, holidays/seasons, anniversaries, music decades or movies, and more. For a school reunion, incorporate school colors and activities you all shared.


Book your venue. Solidifying the size of your guest list is the biggest indicator for an appropriate venue. Next is finding a layout that complements your theme. Will you need a dance floor or long dining tables? Are there any activities or games you will need to have room for?


Food is an important part of every party. Will the event be catered or potluck style? Does your venue offer menu options? This is important to know upfront so you can include dietary requests in your online invitation.


Reunions naturally set the stage for memory boards and slideshows. If you want to gather any memorabilia, let your guests know as soon as possible to ensure you get it all ahead of time. You will need plenty of time to make your memory board or slideshow. Our “Load a selfie” feature provides a simple way for guests to submit photos and videos to you.


Organize any additional features like music, themed decorations and special entertainment. If you’re having a more intimate gathering, find some pre-made music playlists. For a more personal touch, include our “Pick a Song” feature which allows your guests to submit a song suggestion to add to the party playlist.


Once these details solidify, it is time to invite everybody. Creating an invitation website is the most accessible way to share the event details. Our list of templates makes creating this website a simple process. Select your favorite template, input your party details, and customize any additional ideas you have planned. You can make it as simple or creative as you like.


Our Guest Manager feature makes planning your guest list as well a communication so much easier. This feature allows you to send SMS/e-mail notifications and reminders closer to the date to keep everyone in the loop.


Your guests will be able to RSVP is seconds with a click of a button, they can also add dietary requirements and special request all form the comfort of your invitation website. Guests can find all your events details and more on your interactive invitation website. Get started today.

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