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Bachelorette Invitations

Bachelorette Invite
Bachelor Invites

Bachelor Party Invitations

The bride and groom deserve a crazy, awesome night before they tie the knot. Give them the bachelor or bachelorette parties they’ll remember (or not)! We have gathered a few of our favorite ideas:

Bachelor Party Ideas

Many bachelors love a good night of drinking and sports, but not everyone. Pick a theme or activity that the lucky guy is going to love. Here are some party ideas:

Watch a sports game (with a drinking game or two)

Plan a bar crawl

Go gambling or play poker at home

Rent a boat

Hang out at the beach

Play golf (great for the competitive type)

Go to a beer garden or whiskey tasting

Go skydiving

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Ladies, there are so many options for an awesome bachelorette party. You want to make sure you pick a theme or activity that everyone will love, but most importantly, the bride. Consider these fun party ideas:

Plan a lake or beach day

Enjoy a wine tasting at a vineyard

Have a spa day

Do a dance or cooking class together

Have an old school sleepover (ice cream and rom-coms, anyone?)

Plan a weekend city or cruise getaway

Organize an arts party for all your favorite crafts

 Build Your Invitation

Surely, everyone will enjoy these awesome party ideas. Personalize them to the lucky gal or guy for a memorable experience you’ll never forget. Once you decide on a theme, time, date, and location, My Invite Online can start taking tasks off your plate.

Our Budget Planner and Event Checklist features keep your wallets in check and your timeline tasks easier to track. Let these tools help you stay organized throughout the entire process of planning. Our Event Checklist starts off with suggested timelines for main party planning factors. This springboard allows you to get a head start. Then add or customize your task manager from there.

Next, you need to notify everybody that there’s going to be a celebration! Invite your guests from your invitation website via email or text message. They will then be able to enjoy all your event’s details and photos in one place, accessible form their pc and or mobile device. Keeping your guests up-to-date is easy and convenient as you can add, edit or update your invitation details and design at any time. 


Our sites have multiple features that enhance your online invites according to your special event. Our favorites include the “Pick a Song” and “Photo Box’ features. Guests can submit song suggestions for a custom-made music playlist along with their RSVP notification. Photo Box allows everyone to upload pictures before, during, and after the party. This is a simple way to gather memorabilia beforehand if a memory board is part of your plan. By centralizing everyone’s photos during the party, nobody has to sift through Instagram or Facebook to screenshot somebody else’s photos. Everyone gets to share the memories by looking through them all in one place.

Our online invitation Guest manager stores your guest list and keeps track of RSVP details.


This is an easy way to keep tabs on your guest request and attendance notification as the big day approaches. It is much easier and convenient than having to keep up with old text messages and e-mail threads. For more intimate and special gatherings, such as these types of parties, we have a security code feature. That way, only specifically invited guests can access the website and details.

Here at My Invite Online, we want you to focus on celebrating your friend’s special day. Let us make your job easier so you can enjoy the experience of planning the prefect party!

It’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Time 

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