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Corporate Event Invites

Corporate Event Invitations

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Year End Function Invites

School and College Event Invitations

School and Collage Events

Team Building Invitations

Team Building Invites

Corporate Travel Invitations

Corporate Travel Invits

Professional Event Planning Tips and Ideas

Are you in charge of planning special events, training, or conferences for your company? Make panning your events efficient, interactive and so much easier with My Invite Online


Enjoy solution-based features like, live guest manager, online RSVP, event checklist, guest manager, nearby accommodation and much more.


Here a few ideas and guidelines to help you get started 

Create and load your guest-list on your online guest manager. Add your guest’s contact information so that you can send invitations, reminders, and notifications as needed from your invitation website at any time.


Solidify details about the menu to include in the invitation. Allow attendees to specify any dietary restrictions, meal preferences or choice of gift.


Our online invites offer aesthetically pleasing templates, easy to fill in event details specific to your company or event. Guests can RSVP within two clicks on any smart device. Our product will keep track of your RSVP attendance and special requests. If the event planning is still early in the works, you can create a Save-the-Date invitation until more details are ready to share.


Where is your special event located? Is it in your city or at your company’s office? If you need a larger venue, secure the size of audience for your event and evaluate the best layouts and room sizes. You don’t want to deal with an awkwardly cramped or open space when you’re trying to impress clients or colleagues. Consider public transportation and parking availability to best prepare your attendees.


If your event is out of town, research the selected city and find some potential locations to hold your conference or special event. Carefully sift through photos and reviews to help solidify the best possible venue option. You want to ensure a comfortable and efficient layout for any presentations or speakers you have planned. If most of the attendees are traveling, make timing and location simple and natural for your guests. Research venues in or in walking distance to airports, hotels, and public transportation. Nearby restaurants and coffee shops make a better overall experience for your attendees if possible. Once those details are set, send a rooming list to your selected hotel.


Host a team meeting to solidify your event’s agenda. Once all questions are answered and decisions are made, add the details to your online invitation website. Give your attendees an idea of what to expect at your event. Will this event be more a conversation, include team-building exercises, or feature a presentation? Make the objectives of this event clear with help from our invitation templates. The website serves as an accessible place for all information, updates, or changes. This can include stakeholders, presenters, and sponsors.


Finalize a head count using the summary tools built into your invitation website’s guest manager. Organize a name tag layout or seating arrangement according to your company’s event. Send them to a printer and prepare them for the event. To consolidate your printer tasks, create your Welcome Letter or Agenda to check all those tasks off at a one.


Visit the venue location and ensure that everything is set with a final walk-through. Using our online Guest Manager, schedule a date close to the event for us to update your guests with the most recent itinerary. This can also include details for transportation and hotel information once those decisions are set.


Host a pre-conference rehearsal with the hotel staff, involved employees, and necessary presenters prior to the event.This will provide space to smooth out any bumps or missing pieces.


We can make your process easier with our Event Checklist, Budget Planner, Guest Manager features, and more. Get started today.

Create your own free online invitation website, dedicated to your special event.

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