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Kids Birthday

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Babies first birthday

Baby's First Birthday Invitations

Toddlers Birthday Invites

Toddlers Birthday Invitations

Kids Birthday Invitations

Kids Birthday Invites
Teen Birthday Invites

Teen Birthday Invitations

Sweet 16 Invitations

Sweet 16 Invites

Adult Birthday Invitations

Adult Birthday Invites

Milestone Birthday Invitations

Milesone Birthday Invites

Happy Birthday Invitations!

Here at My Invite Online, we make birthday celebrations a fun and easy process by providing you with an online platform that allow you to create your own amazing online invitations plus keep track of your party details. Some of our features include the Event Checklist and Budget Planner. The checklist consists of suggested timelines and a task manager. Every part of planning your party can be consolidated into one place.


When planning a birthday party, you need to ask the following questions:

What theme will fit the Guest of Honor personality?

What is the best time, date and location to host the birthday party?

What sort of hobbies and entertainment does the Guest of Honor love?

Who will they want to celebrate their birthday celebration with?

What is our budget?

What type of invitation do we want to use?

How are the guest going to RSVP?


Answering these big questions will point you into a general direction enabling you as the party planner to create the best birthday party ever. Here are a few fun and unique birthday ideas:


Kids Parties

For kids, there are theme options galore! General options like favorite toys, princesses, dinosaurs, mermaids, etc. are all great starter ideas. For grander parties, consider favorite movies, a group dance class, sports, treasure hunts, and more. What if you have more than one kid to pick a theme for? Are two seemingly opposite siblings celebrating together? Make a fun hybrid of favorites like Barbies in Hot Wheels or mermaid monster trucks.


You can elaborate anywhere from a few cute decorations and cake to hosting it in a skating rink. Grab your bathing suits and buckets for a fun day at the beach if you’d rather spend money on the treats than the venue. Whatever theme you choose with My Invite Online you can create the cutest online invitations to suit you’re your party.


Adult Parties

Don’t think getting older means less party fun. Themes can get even more creative. Consider getting your hands dirty with an art party or cupcake decorating? Or you could rent out a space with DJ for a good time on the dance floor. Host a coffee/tea or even a gin party, a talent show, fondue, board games, decades of music and fads and plus everybody loves a costume contest. Birthdays are such a great excuse to have fun. Do something unique, design a funky online invitation with pick a song or load a selfie, be creative. Your guests will love it.


Now that you have chosen a theme and designed your online invasions it’s time to create your guest list. Compile your guest list on our easy to use Guest management system. Guest can easily RSVP on your online invitation website in only 2 clicks. Our guest manager digitally collects RSVPs and any included personal messages. This makes keeping track of dietary restrictions or special requests so much easier.


Online RSVP and Guest manager

You can view full RSVP reports, attendance summary and even map out your seating plan. Communication is made so much easier when everything is in one place. Keep your guests informed and up to date by sending them SMS and or e-mail notifications and reminders from your invitation website.

For your guest’s’ convenience, you can even add the venue’s GPS location that links up to Google maps, no more lost guests.


With snail mail invitations, you have a limited amount of space to layout party details. With your own online invitation website, you can add as much information as you want! We have templates that complement special birthdays for all ages from babies, toddlers, kids, Sweet 16, teens, to adults. Personal photos, videos, and interactive features will make your online invites memorable and more accessible than your standard cards. You’d be saving money and resources by nixing the card stock paper, ink, and envelopes. Not only are you simplifying the process for yourself, but you’re also high-fiving the environment!


Use your online invites to incorporate fun extras like “Pick a Song” where you can create a music party playlist using the attendees’ song requests. Our “Photo Box” enables you to upload pictures of the birthday individual beforehand (perhaps an adorably embarrassing baby picture) and post everyone’s pictures from the event afterwards. This is a great chance to introduce a party hashtag if you are planning to broadcast you event on social media.


Let My Invite Online make your job easier so you can relax and enjoy the party.

Birthday Invitation tips and ideas.

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