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Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Party Tips and Ideas

What a milestone to celebrate! Graduations are an exciting time to congratulate someone’s significant achievements. So let’s plan a party!


The catch is that many people graduate around the same time. Party planning suddenly becomes a bit more competitive. Have any friends also graduating? Consider combining a party and sharing the venue. Otherwise, book a venue earlier in advance than you typically would. Don’t fret, My Invite Online is here to help you out with our online invitation system. Start early, our Event Checklist will help you set those deadlines and keep your tasks in check. We also offer a Budget Planner to help keep track of your spending.


Once you have the date, time, and venue booked, pick your theme. Sure, the theme is “graduation” but make it unique to the graduate. Take inspiration from the graduate’s course of study. For general theming, school colors and motto's are a great place to start. For military or program graduations, make room for everyone in the family who has served to be honored as well. Consider searching through our online invitation graduation templates for some theme ideas. You might cross off two tasks on your Event Checklist in one!


Now it is time to create your online invitation website. Not so computer savvy? No problem. Our program is super user-friendly. With My Invite Online you can design your own online invitation website with online RSVP. Our online invites have lots of room for simple and fun ways to share your event. Save time and money by loading your guest list and event details on your invitation website. That way you can focus on the fun stuff like decorations and treats!


Make the celebration as simple or elaborate as you choose. Balloons, confetti, and cap-and-gowns make fun decorations and be creative and original when designing your interactive online invitation website. Graduation parties are a very popular time to order personalized party favors. Who wouldn’t love some candy or mints named after your winning graduate? There are plenty of cute and totally usable trinkets to help everyone remember such an awarding milestone.


Another great idea is to consider collecting pictures of memories from those planning to attend. Load the photos on your online invitation galley pages. Graduates are embarking on a new path. Set up an advice jar and let everyone throw in their written advice. There’s nothing like a great interactive game or two to get everyone laughing and playing. Make a board for guests to sign. If the graduate is the photogenic type, set up a fun wall with graduate props. Decide a party hashtag and let the photo shoot begin!


This is a great time to consider music playlist and party hashtags. Include our “Pick a Song” feature to generate an awesome personalized playlist of favorites. If an intergenerational group is in attendance, this is a great way to mix up the tunes so everyone sings along. This tool is particularly helpful when making note of any dietary restrictions you will need to know if you’re providing the food. Guests can include any personal messages within their RSVP with a few clicks of a button. Don’t worry about texting each other photos and taking screenshots. Broadcast that party hashtag to gather photos and videos during and after the event. You can then showcase them on your party website for everyone to see.


We have templates galore to choose from. However, you can personalize your online invitation website as much as you like. Our online Guest Manager and planning features saves you loads of time. Any necessary reminders, notifications, and updates are easily sent with a few clicks. We make communicating with your guests a simple process. Have all the party info in one place for everyone’s convenience.

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