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Milestone Events Tips and Ideas

Milestone birthday parties are when the real fun begins. These gatherings are meant to be elaborate and memorable. Would the Guest of Honor enjoy a formal or casual gathering? How many friends and family members would they want to share this day with? The more you can involve them in the planning, the better! Unless it’s a surprise party. (More on that later...)

First off, you will want to get you online invitations out as soon as possible. Everyone needs time to plan ahead since this isn’t your typical annual birthday. Go for the “Wow!” factor and choose a location, menu, and décor that will make a lasting impression for everybody.

Personalize the gathering to the Guest of Honor. What are some of their special hobbies, favorite things, or personality traits? Incorporate them into the décor and invitation style for more specialized celebration.

Here are few  ideas to get you started

Select a fun, personalized location. Do they love bowling? Have it at a bowling alley! How about a favorite restaurant/bar, garden picnic, or a casino? Have a general idea of guest numbers. Then pick a venue that will comfortably accommodate everybody.


What is your Guest of Honor’s favorite food? Consider what they will want to eat on that day. A lover of Mexican food could result in a fiesta! An easier option is to make it a potluck. If the party is held at home or a more personal location, have everyone bring a dish. Everyone gets the chance to make a favorite for the birthday individual.


For many locations, solid entertainment will make the event a blast! Does your Guest of Honor love Elvis Presley or The Rolling Stones? Hire a tribute artist or band to come play some of their favorite tunes. Local gig websites are a great place to start. Search through idols like Marilyn Monroe or Freddie Mercury impersonators to come sing a special “Happy Birthday.” If dancing is sure to happen, grab a DJ and a dance floor. For a smaller gathering, sift through some pre-made music playlists and find one that the lucky birthday person will enjoy. If a pre-made playlist isn’t your style, use our “Pick a Song” feature to collect song suggestions from the attendees and make an ultra-personalized playlist for the lucky person.


Everybody loves a good party favor. Milestone parties are an awesome opportunity to make some fun memorabilia. Personalized shot glasses and tumblers make awesome take-home gifts to hold onto memories. If the date is near another holiday, combine them by handing out ornaments or four-leaf clovers that reference the special milestone year.


Take a walk down memory lane… If you plan early enough, everybody can send in a video saying, “Happy birthday!,” or send in photos of wonderful memories. Gather them all into a heart-warming video, slideshow, or memory board to show at the celebration.


If your Guest of Honor has some party stamina, prepare an after-party. The main party can be for a larger group of guests while the after-party is for closest friends or family.


Is this a surprise party? You can totally still make this a fun and super-personalized event. If you need some help generating custom ideas, ask their other close friends and family. Elaborate memory boards and videos have a fantastic surprise element. Be sure to include any elements of surprise in your online invitation website to make sure nobody spoils it!

Our Event Checklist and online Guest Manager resources will help take some pressure off coordinating this celebration extraordinaire. Especially when reaching out on the down low, keeping all party communication in one place makes it easier to know your attendance numbers and send out reminders and notifications as needed.

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