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Funeral Invitations

Funeral and Memorials Planning

Funerals and memorials are an important time to honor a loved one who has passed. During such a hard time, we want to make the process of planning as simple and stress-free as possible. Balance your budget and tasks with our online Budget Planner and Event Checklist. One of our most useful features, the Event Checklist assists in setting timelines and deadlines leading up to the event.


Here are a few suggestions to consider:


1) Choose a location or venue for the service (home, church, funeral home, botanical garden, community center, banquet hall, etc.). 

2) Select an Officiant(s) to lead the service. 

3) Find a eulogist(s) to write and deliver a eulogy about the deceased. 

4) Rent a casket or cremation urn by preference (budget-permitting).

5) Determine serving style (catering, potluck, funeral home) and desired food and beverages. 

6) Select pallbearers (if the final disposition involves a graveside service).

7) Decide if you want to webcast or record the service. If so, hire a photographer or videographer. 

8)Choose the floral arrangements to fit what the deceased may have liked 

9)Generate or find a pre-made music playlist. Find the necessary sound equipment depending on the venue needs. 

10) Create and print programs for guests and officiants. 

11)Gather personal touches (such as a memory board, memorial video, personal memorabilia, etc.). 

12) Gather readings for the service (such as poems, prayers, religious or secular passages, etc.) and decide who will deliver them. 

13) Decide if you will include a memorial gift for guests to take (such as remembrance trinkets that reference favorite movies, quotes, songs, etc. of the person who has passed).


With plenty of details to focus on, we want reaching out to guests to be as easy and affordable as possible. At My Invite Online, we give you the tools to create an online invitation website for your event. This grants easy access to service and reception details for your guests. Let our Guest Manager feature ease the process of handling RSVPs by gathering responses, sending SMS/e-mail reminders, and updates. Accessible details, coupled with our direct Google Maps set-up, will minimize location questions, particularly when including a graveside service or reception.


If you choose to hold a reception, loved ones will have a more casual opportunity to gather. These events can be incredibly simple or elaborate, depending on the planner’s choice. Do not be afraid to delegate and seek help from your resources. Ultimately, these receptions are meant for friends and family. They can share stories, memories, and celebrate the life of someone they all cared for. These events can range from potluck gatherings at a family member’s home to a coursed dinner party. If you are going the dinner party route, use your online invitation website to assist in planning the menu and table seating. Dietary restrictions can be requested in advance to ease any menu stress.


Consider playing background music that was significant to the person who has passed. Our “Pick a Song” feature makes it easy for attendees to recommend a song or two. Displaying pieces from their collections or favorite hobbies are a sweet way to celebrate the joys they shared. There are plenty of affordable ways to feature these treasures using center pieces and decorations.


Memory boards are a common way to look back on their life. Consider a digital memory board or video montage. Our online invitation websites offer a “Photo Box” feature to serve as a central place for guests to see it before, during, and after the service.


Especially for a memorial service, we understand how important it is to honor and celebrate someone’s life. Let us help make your planning duties simpler at My Invite Online.

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