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New Years party invites

New Years Party Invitations

Beach Party Invitations

Beach party Invites

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Pool party invites

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Thanks giving invites

Seasonal Events Tips and Ideas

Holidays make a grand excuse for a party. We have an array of online invitation templates for seasonal events to make party planning easier than ever. Take a look at some of our favorite party ideas.


Food and Beverages

Grab the drinks! Set up a bar for homemade cocktails or sangria pitchers. Create some homemade drinks or make it simple with a few favorite beers and wines. Beverages (adult or not) always add a fun twist to a seasonal party. Make eggnog for Christmas parties or pomegranate cocktails for Valentine’s Day. Layered drinks make it easy to use holiday colors like blue and white for Hannukah and green for St. Patrick’s Day.


A good party always has good food. Set up a coursed meal, catering, or potluck to make sure there are plenty of tasty treats for everybody to enjoy. If you have any friends who bake or have a favorite local bakery, grab some themed cookies or cupcakes for everyone. Rent or buy a fondue fountain for a buffet of cheese, meat, or chocolate as an on-going evening of small bites.



Know your occasion and brainstorm your favorite things about it. Do you love roasted turkey on Thanksgiving? Buy adorable turkey decorations! Do you enjoy making snowmen or skiing? Incorporate them into your decoration options. Is Spring blooming? Cover the venue with pretty flowers.


For a holiday like New Year’s Eve, it’s common to decorate with festive confetti poppers and balloons. Get the disco ball turning to get everybody dancing! A DIY balloon drop or count down pinata make for a memorable party moment. For other holidays, incorporate favorite traditions and interactive games to make sure your guests have a blast.



Let everyone on social media know how awesome of a time you had by setting up a photo booth with props and a hashtag. Props can be goofy glasses and costume pieces or themed to your special party. Board games and interactive games (like Twister or Charades) will bring strangers and friends together in laughter.


For occasions like New Year’s, make a New Year Resolution jar for people to participate and share their goals together. Spread a little love with a sweet party favor for everyone on Valentine’s Day. Have everyone say what they are grateful for near Thanksgiving.


There is an endless list of wonderful ways to spice up a seasonal party. Holidays are a time for friends and family to come together in enjoyment and love. Party planning consists of many tasks and My Invite Online can lighten your load. With our Budget Planner and Event Checklist, we make it easy to keep all your ducks in a row. We consolidate your task list so that you have all the tools you need on one website.


First, solidify details like the date, time, venue, and theme. We have a slew of invitation templates ready for your viewing. Our online invitations are easy to make and even easier to share. Once the webpage is created, all you need to do is fill in your guest list and contact information.


Within a couple clicks, guests can find your online invite and RSVP. Gather special requests like dietary restrictions or memorabilia if you choose. This is a great opportunity to collect song suggestions if you are planning on making a party playlist.


Our “Pick a Song” feature makes it easy to compile a personalized playlist that everyone can sing and dance along to.

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