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Surprise Party Invitations

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Theme Party Invitations

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Cocktail Party Invites

Dinner Party Invitations

Dinner Party Invites

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Game Night Invites

Girls Night Out Invitations

Girls Night Out Invites

Guys Night Out Invitations

Guys Night Out

Party PlanningTips an Ideas

Do you want to plan a huge special event? One that will leave guests talking about it in days to come? We are excited to help you plan your epic party. With loads of party details and activities to sort out, it’s time to get started.


What is the occasion? Choose a theme that’ll excite your friends. Planning a grand celebration for your co-workers? Let them forget the work and have a blast.


For an epic party, it’s important to think big. However, using our Budget Planner is a smart way to keep your goals smart and affordable. We have cooked up some ways to incorporate the “epic” factor into your party...


Brainstorm the best location for your event goals. Make it unique and authentic. Do you want it to be casual or formal? For a casual “all are welcome” event, set up at a beach or park. Affordable open areas give you flexibility in attendees and a large space. Make room to play games and activities outside so all ages can let loose. If you want to travel the more formal route, have a dinner party at a nice restaurant, banquet hall, or your own home. You will need a stricter number for guests so be sure to send out those online invitations sooner rather than later.


Really know your theme so you can decorate in style. That could be some visual pieces or interactive games that’ll grab everyone’s attention. If you are opening up your home, use the décor to focus the gathering areas. Place your most conversation-starting belongings out in plain view. (Be sure to hide important pieces if alcohol is making a large appearance.) If you are decorating a venue, research color palettes and popular themes based on the occasion.


Such an epic party means you have to make some memories! Determine a party hashtag to get everybody’s camera snapping. Our online invitation website has a “Photo Box” feature where anyone can upload their photos and videos to share. During and after the party, guests can enjoy their memories as well as those captured by others.


One of the highlights of every party is the food. Be sure to build an eye-popping menu or buffet table for your guests. Who is cooking? Decide your recipes and buy the ingredients in advance with plenty of buffer time. Not a cook? Coordinate some catering dishes from your favorite restaurant to get the ball rolling. If your budget is tight and your friends are good cooks, cut your costs with a potluck.


If you’re aiming for a “let loose!” kind of party, set up a snazzy bar. Hire a friend to be a bartender and serve homemade cocktails or favorite beers and wines for your guests. Incorporate your theme into the cocktail names to make them memorable.


Okay, the ideas are rolling! The most important part of devising an epic party is an epic guest list. Invite people that are going to enjoy their time and environment together. This is where we can take a load effort off your plate. Add your guests list to our guest manage and start inviting them to your invitation website. Your interactive invitation website allows you to inform your guests and provide them with all the needed information in a stylish and accessible way. Worried that your guest will get lost to the party?


Add the venue address to your invitation website and link it up to Google Maps navigation, GPS at a touch of a button. Not to mention, our online Guest Manager will organize RSVP attendance numbers and special requests.


With My Invite Online you can customize your invitation website regardless of your computer skills. It’s that easy! So get planning today.

Create your own free online invitation website, dedicated to your special event.

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